Saturday, 8 May 2010


Drinking the 2007 Matetic Coralillo Winemaker's blend, it's delicious. big, fat soft ripe, fruity. Bought it from oddbins who don't seem to have it on website any more. Majestic have the 2005/6 at 20% off though! Might have to get some.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Two Buck Chuck

We've heard a lot about Two Buck Chuck, partly thanks to Oz Clark and James May, so it was definitely on the tasting list while in California.

The friends we are staying with have a few different varietes and decided to give us a blind taste.

Our tasting had black fruit, hints of chocolate and lots of tannin and tasted quite young and green. As my Dad would put it, it's "very gluggable" (easy to drink). Three of us guessed what it was, and we came up with different answers (2 guesses for Shiraz, and I plumped for Merlot).

We were all wrong, it turned out to be Cabernet Sauvignon.

Mike's note:- it tasted like generic cheap red wine, but it did taste a tiny bit spicy hence taking a total guess at Shiraz. I wouldn't have been surprised if it was merlot or cabernet, and I wasn't when it was. After finding out what it was I did think it tasted a bit of Ribena but that might be the power of suggestion.